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A Review of the Crystal Oversouls New Earth Attunements

I was delighted to receive a copy of Michael Eastwood’s  Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements this week. This is a boxed set of 22 crystal cards with a guide book and 2 audio CDs. The cards are numbered 45 to 66 as they are a continuation of the crystal journey which began with the Crystal Oversoul Attunements and they can either be used alongside the original set of 44 Crystal Oversoul Attunements or can standalone. Michael is a friend and fellow School Principal within the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations.

Michael explains that the Crystal Oversouls brought new attunements to him as the vibration on the planet changed following “the great turning of 2012”. We have the opportunity collectively to witness the birthing of the New Earth and these attunements will help us to transform our own energies through these transitional times. They are particularly useful when we find ourselves slipping back into the paradigm of the Old Earth with its negativity and density.

As with the original Crystal Oversoul Attunements the cards are designed as mandalas. These beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns are easy to gaze upon and each is a key to the crystal energy upon which it is based. Some of the 22 crystals are probably very familiar to you, Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline for example, whereas others are rarer, such as Cobalt Aura and you may not have them in your collection. Do not feel that you must have each of the crystals to experience the attunement, the mandala will be enough to connect you with the crystal energy.

Michael suggests a quartz crystal layout for each attunement using a specific number of quartz points. Quartz will amplify the energy of any crystal and will give your visualisations more clarity and focus. These can be quite small points, work with what you have. There is also a suggested scent. Fragrance stimulates our memory and can even awaken memories of other lifetimes. You don’t have to use the recommended scent with each attunement, but I find fragrance evocative and helpful.

When I receive a new deck of cards I look at each one and then give them a good shuffle to start to imbue them with some of my own energy. I usually then fan them out face down in front of me and choose a  single card to work with first. In this deck I drew Labradorite, which was lovely as this is one of my favourite stones. Labradorite has been a companion to me at times of my life when I have undergone the most intense transformatory processes. I see it as a friend and an ally which holds me safe even when old certainties are spinning away. I talk about some of those times in my own autobiography, Light behind the Angels.

In the guidebook Michael provides us with a visualisation for each of the attunements. What makes this deck extra special is that he has recorded the visualisations onto the accompanying CDs. I love this new feature as it is easier to follow someone else’s voice on your visualisation rather than have to memorise the journey for yourself. I did make a small modification to the book. I wrote the CD track number beside each crystal card on the Contents page so that I could find the right visualisation quickly and easily.

First I read the visualisation for Labradorite and familiarised myself with the mandala on the card. Then I put myrrh, the suggested scent, onto my incense burner and settled myself in the centre of the recommended 6 clear quartz points with my piece of labradorite in my lap and the mandala for labradorite in front of me.  I pressed play for the right track on the CD and allowed Michael’s gentle voice to lead me through the attunement. In these visualisations you are taken to crystal temples and you meet with the Oversouls.

In the Labradorite Temple you are guided to step into the golden star of light at the centre of the mandala. I align myself with Divine Gold Light in my healing and I found this was a profound experience. As I stepped into the star of Gold Light there was a sense of lightness, spaciousness and a falling away of boundaries so that I experienced a Oneness with the Universe. What I did need to do was reach out and turn off the CD player in that expanded state as there was just a short gap before the next crystal attunement began and I wanted to remain in the beautiful expanded energy for a while longer. Make sure your CD player is close enough for you to do this!

Michael trusts you to make your own way back into the here and now at the end of each attunement, so do make sure you have a grounding stone such as hematite or black tourmaline to hand and a glass of water. Give yourself time to settle and come fully back before you go about your day.


My Crystal Choice for 2015 : Rainbow Moonstone by Lauren D’Silva

I have chosen Rainbow Moonstone as the key crystal energy for 2015. This is a predominantly white moonstone which shows blue shimmers as it catches the light. The primary message of Rainbow Moonstone is, “To thine own Self be True.”

Blue light shines from Rainbow Moonstone as you gaze into it. This is a powerful reminder to connect with the Light within your own being. When you focus on this pristine Light nothing you have done in the past really matters. You can let go of old pain, guilt, regret and fear whilst you abide in your Inner Light. Rainbow Moonstone reminds us that at our core we are pure beings which cannot be harmed or sullied by the trials and tribulations of the outer world.

Rainbow Moonstone is encouraging us to let go of density as we step further into the New Age. We cannot take the baggage of the past with us. Letting go will be a theme this year for many of us, releasing old emotions, old pain and old possessions which no longer serve us or reflect who we truly are. Evaluate everything as it comes up for you.

As our outer environment reflects our inner state sorting through possessions is a good, practical way to kick-start the clearing process. I find sorting through an over filled drawer or cupboard is therapeutic. In amongst the dross you may find some real treasures that you had forgotten about. Let go of those things that are neither useful, nor uplifting, nor beautiful. Let go of anything which holds negative associations. You can always sell valuable items and then spend the money on something more positive for yourself, or donate the item to charity. By clearing our clutter on the outer level we signal to the Universe that we are ready to release blockages we hold in our psyche, our chakras and in our subtle bodies.

Rainbow Moonstone carries a sense of abiding Peace, reminding us that Peace is a choice we make. Peace does not come by waiting for it. The outer World will supply us with a litany of annoying people, obstacles, and troubling events, such is the nature of incarnation on a dualistic Planet. It is not compulsory to immerse yourself in all of this negativity! You don’t have to watch the news and absorb the pick of the very worst things that are happening around the Globe.

You are allowed to rise above petty issues and irritations. When you find yourself caught up in a scenario which threatens your peace of mind ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?” Most issues do not matter so very much in the grand scheme of things. Asking, “Will this still be important 10 years from now?” is a useful test. If the issue does matter to you on a deeper level, if for example you choose to stand firm against an injustice, then Rainbow Moonstone can help you keep a sense of equanimity and connection to the Truth in the midst of turmoil.

Pick up Rainbow Moonstone when you are caught up in the heat of strong emotions. Imagine breathing in the cool blue light and absorbing it into every cell of your body. The Blue Ray carried by Rainbow Moonstone is the Ray of Divine Truth. By meditating with Rainbow Moonstone you can see through to the heart of the matter. Hidden motivations are revealed and ego creations become obvious, both your own and those of others.

Rainbow Moonstone is particularly healing placed on the upper chakras. Try this layout which I’ve found purifying, refreshingly cooling and clarifying to the mind. Lay on a white cloth and place five Rainbow Moonstones: one at the throat, one at the third eye, one by each ear and one at the crown. On the throat chakra Rainbow Moonstone helps you to speak your Truth. By the ear chakras it helps you to hear the Truth. On the brow chakra it helps you perceive the Truth. On the Crown it helps you to tune into the wisdom of your Higher Self, which is always aligned with the Truth. Remember to ground yourself well after working with higher vibratory stones.

Whilst I received the energies of Rainbow Moonstone I made the following dedication which you may want to consider:
I speak the Truth, I hear the Truth, I see the Truth, I AM the Truth.
At this point there was a strong influx of Light into my Crown and Third Eye chakras.

Please note that Universal Truth is not the same as holding a belief or an opinion. Truth is not ego driven and does not vary according to which religion you belong to or which society you were brought up in. If you are not ready to relinquish cherished opinions and beliefs which may be dissolved in the Light of Truth you may not want to make this dedication!

I chose Rainbow Moonstone as the overarching crystal for 2015 by setting my intention that I would be guided to the right stone and selecting it from a bag of crystals. You may want to choose a personal stone for your year ahead in the same way. You can then attune to your chosen crystal through meditation. Wishing you a peaceful and blessed 2015!

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